(Ages 6 weeks – 12 months)

At The Cary School, we strive to achieve a comfortable, safe, and calm environment for your infant. We believe nurturing, stimulating and developmentally appropriate infant care is essential for your precious little star!

Our teacher to child ratio in the infant room is 3:10. This low ratio ensures proper care and love for your infant. Our infant program guides and promotes your child’s earliest learning experiences. Our teachers are loving, nurturing, and fun. They also spend lots of time on the floor encouraging your child to play and experience the world around them.

Our infant room is filled with a variety of developmentally appropriate books, toys, and equipment. These materials will help your baby develop at his or her individual pace. Our teachers also keep in close contact with families to ensure schedules are as close to home care as possible. We also encourage families to visit periodically or to stop in during their lunch break to visit with their little ones! We are a breastfeeding friendly center, encouraging breastfeeding mothers to nurse at anytime during the day or to pump and provide milk from home for their child at The Cary School.